Coaching for the Business of Making


You may be here because something is nagging you. 

You’re ready to test out your idea and make the time to value yourself, but you’re stuck and don’t know where to start. Sound familiar? 

You’re ready for change. 

You’ve been holding on, and now you’re ready to FLOW. 

Develop clarity as your superpower and set yourself up for the growth you want. All you need to do is reach out and we can begin.

If this is your jam, then I want to support you to revel in it too.

I believe in empowering creatives to thrive sustainably, as makers and in business. To support you to carve clarity on the level of success that you envision. This is what puts a fire in my belly.

My mission is support creative thinkers to transition to a growth mindset and build sustainable businesses with clarity. And build networks for the exchange of experience, knowledge and ideas.

I’m a creative thinker, and multi-business owner.

So, I intimately understand the joys and challenges of making and being self-employed. This informs my working life and business skills



1:1 Creativity and Business coaching 

Get support on unpacking your unique obstacles. Carve out clarity on your business and creative direction. So you press ‘lift-off’ and steer your career in the trajectory that you want.


Group Creativity and Business Coaching 

Guided by me, your coach, you’ll engage in creative and business work with a group, sharing the wisdom that comes from collective discussions.


Speaker on creativity, makers, small businesses, and education

You can hire me to talk about:

  • creative business
  • transitioning to self-funding
  • sustainable creative careers
  • and much more! 


Some days it is tough to imagine life being bigger than it is now. 

When we live in a state of working for another person’s vision, yet we have our own knocking at the side door, it can get harder to concentrate.  


It’s time to back yourself >


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