Creative Statement

Thank you so much for taking the time to come to my website and have a look around!


This statement is an introduction to observing the theme of layers that I bring to all types of output.

All of my creations have inherent layers. Whether this is layers of enamel paint on steel, layered panels of fabric on garments, or the layers of cardboard within the artworks in the ‘Paper’ Gallery.

So too, my professional life is layered. I love working with creatives! As a coach to creatives, I help clients to take ideas to action, to delve into their own layers of thinking and creative practice. When not coaching, I also work as a manager in a creative timber business, and an arts studio.


Layers in the Physical

Creative output is often a manifestation of the internal dialogue of the artist. Whether this is reflecting real life or the lush internal world of the creative person. Therefore, I bring the internal complexities of thinking to a physical form. Endeavouring to craft narratives into three dimensional creations. Though at times sporadic, the pilot light of creativity is always on. I thoroughly enjoy losing myself in the physical art of play.


The Theoretical Layers

The personal theme of ‘Wonderment in a Dark World’ is driven by the ongoing struggle as a creative. The challenge of interpreting ideas, challenging the obvious and navigating the best output for the concept. I revel in the idea that life isn’t easy, yet there is Wonderment around every corner, if we look for it. There is humour in the harshness, and laughter can be generated from sharing the load.


The Layered Journey

The strongest childhood memories I have of making are of constructing dioramas and outdoor installations, for our invisible garden visitors. Whimsical illustrations, in homemade books, focused on physical processes such as manufacturing and construction of 3D forms. Moving forward, my teenage years focused on making sculpture from found objects.
Despite parental guidance urging me to seek a career that was more financially rewarding, it was a natural step to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Art in Sculpture. There were fervent attempts to avoid full-time employment. This led to studies in Textiles, then a Master of Fine Art in Education – Arts Administration.
However, it was the completion of a Master in Fine Art that brought all previous skills together. This triggered an ongoing exploration in paper and cardboard, and explorations in large scale installations. This was the inspiration for the collaborative duo ‘Emanate,’ in conjunction with artist Kartini Bell.
Panning forward to current times. Now juggling various work streams, reduced hours of work (Covid lockdowns) and general life flow. This has resulted in a focus on three dimensional creations of the wearable form.


The pilot light is always on.