Creative statement

Thank you so much for taking the time to come to my website and have a look around.

Below is information about my process and perspective. The intention is to aid further understanding of the artworks that you see. As the art that I make comes from two places: the theoretical and the physical.

Art in the Physical

Life is busy, yet the physical urge to play in the studio is a strong one. Though at times sporadic, the pilot light of creativity is always on. I thoroughly enjoy losing myself in the physical art of play.

It often involves paper cutting and the colour’s of pigments, paints, inks and gouache, and is a deeply rewarding activity.

The Theoretical side of Art

Inspired by my childhood, of wonder, and the alternative realities that a child’s mind can evoke, it took a Master of Fine Art to encapsulate the theory of the idea. Now I know that the ongoing, internal drive comes from a search for ‘Wonderment in a dark world’. This manifests through the conflation of the imaginary and the real, in sculpture, installation and soundscapes.

The Artistic Journey

The strongest childhood memories of making are of constructing dioramas and outdoor residential installations for our garden fairies. This evolved on to careful illustration of homemade books on how I imagined objects are made in factories. Moving forward, the teenage years were focused on making sculpture from found objects. It was at this time that the mind’s eye turned inwards. Then the purpose of my creative output consciously sought to express the intangible, the internal.

Despite parental guidance, the next leap was into a Bachelor of Fine Art in Sculpture. Mediums used expanded to include mould making, clay, plaster, cast aluminium, welding steel wire and sheet with enamel paints.

Fervent attempts in avoiding the full-time workforce led to dalliance’s in Certificate in Textiles and a Master of Fine Art in Education – Arts Administration. However, it was the completion of a Master in Fine Art that brought all the previous skills together. This triggered an ongoing  exploration in paper and cardboard’s. It was at this time that the collaborative duo ‘Emanate’ was born, in conjunction with artist Kartini Bell.

Panning forward to current times, the expansion of our family has resulted in a new focus on smaller (translation: more achievable) work. Creating work that fits the table in a home studio.

The pilot light is always on.